Advertisement Opportunities

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Lead Generation

In today’s economy, brand recognition is only one step of a comprehensive ad/marketing campaign. You need sales leads to ensure return on investment. We have several programs that generate sales leads for your company.


WEBINARS. Webinars are a unique branding and lead-generation opportunity, allowing you to establish your company’s authority. They are a highly effective way to capture targeted, qualified sales leads. We can work with your team on a turnkey webinar, where we provide content, promotions, a moderator, and follow-up, or you can produce the webinar using our technology and promotions. We archive all webinars on our website in a dedicated webinar section.


WHITE PAPERS. Do you have a white paper, an in-depth “how to” story, or research that would benefit our audience of school bus fleet managers? Post your material in our Research & White Papers section on our website and take advantage of our traffic-driving promotional tools and our ability to capture demographic information on potential buyers. White Paper sponsors receive sales leads from all downloaded white papers.  


CUSTOM RESEARCH.  Better understand your customers’ needs or get a clearer picture of how your brand is perceived in the industry by doing custom research. Our research professionals deliver actionable results as well as highly qualified, targeted sales leads.


LANDING PAGES.  Providing a landing page connected to your ad allows you to collect names as well as demographic data for future sales lead follow-up. We can create landing pages for you, house the data, and even provide targeted promotions.